Monday, October 1, 2007

Our Benefactors

Looking skywards marveling at the bewitched stars and just fleeting to an ephemeral day-dream, we usually have a sudden gust for realization of our quintessential self. The real benefactors cease existence and the very thought seems to scare our might. There is a sudden rise in abhorrence for the very cause we lack the independence. But independence is an ambiguity in itself. It entails a concerted effort from listless humans to survive. Some come to be known while others remain veiled for a lifetime. It's said we are the only one who are only ones who are the cartographers of our lives. But isn't the very concept worthy of a draconian dispute? There are some things which have a penchant to test our audacity. There's a diabolical causality in the underlying realms.

Usually the expectations and whims that threaten to tranquil the aggressive self. May be it takes time for emotions to settle aplomb and realize that some of the expectations are just fancy. It may pertain to the expectation of parents, may be friends or may be your better-half. It would just look majestic but from their perception. Your interests and your passion are much alien to others with an exception of a few cases. The burning desire to be a dream-weaver doesn't leave much space to relax, it's the atrophy you yourself undergo in a slow pace. Loosing self is the biggest loss if I had a say in it. It takes such a monstrous effort to rediscover yourself in the tiny bottlenecks of time.

It's a welcoming reason when you are asked to set your priorities right. Standing akimbo you can't set them right impromptu. There's a dire need of cognizance of priorities in the first place. Some processes have to run eternal while others are ephemeral. Some need time to decipher and some need to be 'terminated now'. It is you yourself, who is the sole stakeholder here. It is time to stand up and shout it loud to the soul within. There are no benefactors in this world. You can be a beneficiary if the will and whim is there to do something. It is time to wake up and rise and rise high...

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