Monday, November 26, 2007

The Reason

"Some of us find a reason good enough to live our lives and a few find one impeccable enough to define their lives."

A imminent juncture usually has its antecedents in an emotive sphere. Delaying the very cause for even a iota of alteration is a natural human response to avoid any sort of predicament. Born into this world of bondage its has become quite inveterate to see things as the way they are.

One night, staring askance at his reflection on the window glass, Ralph was having the same line of thoughts. Simultaneously, he was disapproving the same with a bit of ambivalence. It was around 2 a.m but his eyes were still wide open. They were staring back at him from the  inside of the glass. It had been a week since he had realized that something was really amiss. His arduous efforts at work had left him with very little time for introspection. He was missing the engineering life definitely but there were a few more additions to it. He had a job, of course with a salary then independence and all its appurtenances. Then suddenly the bolt stuck like lightning. It was her, he was missing so much. It had been almost six months since he had talked to her on a genuine sense. It was like 'happy new year', 'happy friendship day' for a while. Formality had crept in with an indefinite label.

Nothing was wrong, yet nothing seemed right. He smiled at himself for a while. Her candor, her smile all the reminiscences were flowing into the fluted architecture of his thoughts simultaneously. Her most innocuous lies which was made the truth just obvious. Silly jokes and instantaneous comments about what the elsewhere people were doing. Immaturity just belying the immense understanding to promote the bit of hilarity. These had made his life so much comfortable. The very next phase of thoughts made him delve into reality again. Calls went unanswered during this period of brief standstill, messages not received and yet he was one who was undeniable to any extent for he had the inviolable rights.

She was pretty of course. The reminiscence had just created a fleeting glimpse. Almost, three months later lady luck seemed to smile upon Ralphy as he got in touch. He had a penchant of being appealing since birth either in a good way or in a devilish way. At least he thought it was so. There came an undeniable proposition from his own tongue on which he still stares with utter disbelief. As time went by things grew like they were all innate. It had been all there but there was no particular effort of spewing it forth. The proceedings at Red Hot Chilly Peppers was quite interesting. Most of the time was silence with an occasional penetrating glance into each others' eyes. And he had been in the receiving end of drops of water with a fork and was impelled to oblige. Then he had to listen to a very dumb explanation of why she enjoyed this. Actually he was enjoying these proceedings quietly. He had the same green t-shirt by coincidence and he was listening to the plots behind it. It was all smiles which he could manage at this time.

This was a new journey to embark. It could not be defined yet it occupied a flawless mental image. Time in the case was the greatest motivator. And there was some song, slowly coming out from oblivion,"She's got eyes of the bluest skies, as if they thought of rain...."

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