Monday, January 28, 2008

Bits of Star Gone Wrong

We are bits of stellar matter that got cold by accident,
bits of a star gone wrong.
- Sir Arthur Eddington

This channels my thoughts into a predicament of penitence. If everything worked out just as well as the beautiful mind makes it seem, then this would alleviate all the troubles of people. But does the beautiful mind really exist? Or it becomes a manifestation of our own desires and wishes which would not be so benign to us as we imagine. Human desire seems to be an unbound cadence.

The very fear of losing something which we never had makes it difficult to achieve something which is otherwise quite within the reach. We humans become unnecessarily difficult persons through our outward demeanor. Feeling of pain may seem incumbent to turn our little disappointments into pathos. Does it hurt us so much or do we hurt ourselves a bit more than it would really do? Feelings of someone are the most abstruse things to decipher when there are myriad strings of emotions attached to them.

Perhaps the problems may have become imminent but would they really exist as such in true reality ? Just the fact that it takes years to build one sustainable relationship with a firm, a person or a piece of property, does not confer their perpetuality. Nor, does it make sense to shatter these to oblivion on minor predicaments. Almost like an inane proposition these seem to be our points of botheration for the creation of which we ourselves were the prime abettors at some point in time. There could be pretty much to apprise ourselves of than trying to convey it cross-borders.

It's difficult to be articulate on the matter which turns out to be too abstruse in such kind of scenario. It takes courage to resist and overcome such quantum of minor delusions. Immeasurable self-reflection might not be so benign. So it might be best if it keeps coming back even when one's desire to hold it diminishes. When you love a thing then it should be set free, it would come back if it was always yours; and if it doesn't, it was not meant to be!


  1. You are walking along a beautiful beach sparkling with white sand, scattered with colorful pebbles and variegated shells. A handful of the silent temptations you enclose in your fist knowing that you have to let go of them. A long way you have to walk, feast on many more sights and splendors, treasure the best of you have collected along the way and relinquish the rest. Would you rather deprive yourself of the brief moment when eternity coalesced in the handful of moments you cradled in your palms to spare yourself the agony of their dispossession? Perhaps not, silent cartographer :)

  2. Indeed 'Anonymous', but those handful of temptations retain their allure on one, in their own space-time continuum. If you are beyond either of them, your rationality prevails, their illusion is lost. You would perhaps like to treasure them miss [both evident from your penultimate line :)], where as I would like to spare myself from the brief bout of gratifying irrationality. [:)]