Monday, February 25, 2008

A long journey towards humility

A journey which has its antecedents in humility and the final destination largely inculcates and fortifies the credence in its primal form. It the journey called life.

At this juncture, the road ahead can not be even remotely juxtaposed with this freeway in the picture. Its much of a fleeting vision with opacity in the immediate horizon. Then what should I do to divert the journey of darkness towards the professed journey of light!

Its a major predicament that the corporeal form faces perhaps numerous times during its short tenure on this not so green planet. Soothsayers say its a test of character, palmists say its an atonement for the past misdeeds and so on. The reasons may coalesce to form a motley, but the implication remains the same. And its one inevitable thing, I have to face it. There are two diversified approaches: Either I face it like I face everyday or I allow it to amend my each day. The first one can make me and so forth the second can break me. In the midst of an uncertain future where everything appears to be at stake, I have to brave the present, let go of the past and construct the future. It's the primal force which makes us evolve. May be I am not too acquiescent with the present as its just impossible to foretell the implications now. In a sense its difficult to retain my normal self in this present impasse.

The immediate atmosphere influences it the most, I just become so human under pressure. Perhaps, I need render a more flexible mentality in due course of time which could invigorate the credence in myself. The mental blocks can create an illusion of a kind of monstrous power to be dwelt with. But it is all in the omnipotent mind, as they say. You control, you win. You let it control, it would annihilate your identity. It's the identity which one needs to build with clarity in perception. Let's see when...

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