Friday, June 5, 2009

Bitter-Sweet Symphony

"I let the melody shine,
let it cleanse my mind,
I feel free

'A nice canto!', as you might perceive or might not do so. But for Ray, it meant a lot more than a sudden gust of a balmy breeze. A bizarre kind of ennui seemed to have pervaded his thoughts already. Somewhere down the memory lane, he could see a young fifteen-year old standing akimbo, beside his bicycle with his usual alacrity.The verve and impatience repudiated every claim of any logical analysis. Each of the umpteen strategies was promptly disowned and committed to a low priority level but for his own instinct, with the only hope that his convictions will last till the last puff of air is drawn into his body. But change is perpetuity and hope hopeless.

A sudden wistful longing at rather sporadic moments drew his mind to fairly intangible things. Things which were always grayed out. The thoughts that can never be conclusive of anything and betrayed his imminent judgment. 'A free mind can make a free man', is a simple adage with an nonnegotiable wisdom. Yet, it takes a life time of struggle to realize that. Somewhere something had been mistaken in an inference which precisely violated the laissez-faire law. Still it would take a monstrous effort to amass every shred of confidence which was lost in translation.

Time had been standing in its usual non-violated sense of amour propre. It behooves 'time' to use such means to make ordinary mortals realize their own worth. The time had come to renounce inaction and start living. The thoughts gradually seemed to be unshackling and a mere change in mindset made thoughts clear, judgments clearer.

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