Thursday, July 9, 2009

Random escapades of Pique Pie

Pique Pie ran for his life in a bitter frenzy. But this was not the first time he had done this. It has been quite a while now when this had become a routine exercise. He never valued his own life at an exceedingly imposable stake, but then he would be bereft of his unfinished business, should he die. It was time for deliverance. He was quickly running out of all his strength to keep the pursuit on. It was time when he needed a teleport. He glanced at his wrist with a look which indicated neither expectation nor despair. The battery of the portalpass had been drained last night when he had performed fifteen unsecured teleports. He remembered Dr.Zine's cautionary words when he had presented him the portalpass, "Use it well, and make sure you recharge it once with a 35nm ultraviolet charger after every 12 teleports." And then, Dr.Zine disappeared into thin air. This was the last he had seen of Dr. Zickely Zine. He came near the platinum turnpike. The giant screen at the entrance displayed the the year 3100. It was a 1200 km long spiral road extending to the shore of Daydalis, which was a safe haven for the Pine Raiders.

He took the diversion to one of the nastiest areas of Daydalis called the Hall of Doom. A not so ubiquitous bar, where wretched scums of the society made merry with their days being numbered. Here is where he was destined to meet his fate as the stars had told. The stars had went wrong rarely, most of the times they were bang on target. Pique knew his destiny. A bright green cylinder was hung from the ceiling of Hall of Doom. It was glowing with luscious green which seemed to flourish inside the enclave. The ceiling had been created by the Dune King and it provided a real time mirror image of all the constellations of fortune. Naysayers always ascribed the mirror in helping the fate of the bandits. Pique went straight into the dingy chamber which was connected to the sewers. He has to travel 500 miles more to connect to his destiny. He jettisoned his rucksack in the sewers and climbed the ladder to the run way. The pursuers had come behind him but not for long. Pique activated the turbochargers and started running. He was gaining monstrous speed each nanosecond. A few seconds were left when he would touch a speed of 299792458 m/s. 10...9...8...........3......2...1 and flash. It was flash of blazing white lightning and it was touch and go. It was indeed time travel.

Few moments later, some billion light years away Ray woke up. He was feeling rather dizzy. He looked upto the wall and the calendar told him it was August, 2009. He tried hard to hold on to the fleeting memories but he could not. He had to go to college. And it was time, again!

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