Saturday, January 2, 2010

Ethereal Reminiscences Part-I

One of my inceptive experiences with the evanascent glances of the 'eye of intuition' occurred on the day my paternal grandfather passed away. Immediately informed about the incident by Mom, I took a bus back home on a nine hour long night journey. Those days were my student days in a far off place called Rourkela. It was after consciously closed my somnific eyes that I unconsciously started to converse with my grandfather.  My paternal grandfather had some of the qualities that are most difficult to emulate even today. A God loving man, who took upon the oath for seeking the divine at a later age when he had been freed up from his worldly duties and became a pensioner. He had made it a habit to lead his life in the most simplest of ways, non-fussy with his daily readings of Bhagvatam and Bhagvat Gita. A person who never ever spoke ill of anyone and loved his descendants unswerving. A golden hand in anything and everything related to household agriculture, be it vegetables or fruits :). He always made it a custom to bring sacks full of homegrown fruits and vegetables whenever he came to his our home. And alas! papayas again, which I grudgingly called durniti(english equivalent is 'corruption') as it was mixed with peas-potato curry cooked in our home, in the most camouflaged manner, for I was the one who always hated papayas, which substitutes potatoes. Like many my love was for that pristine peas-potato curry, unadulterated with durniti.

         That night with a slightly heavy heart and my mind focused on my grandfather, I consciously closed my eyes after being seated in the bus. After a few minutes, someway conversing with him started, through the middle of my forehead. None of the events was within the control of a sleepy mind, it seemed to be proceeding automatically and intuitively. It was love on his part which was manifesting, love for his grandchildren. Suddenly I asked him to take me with him if he so chose. And could never learn why such a unusual request! And that was it. A screeching pain occurred in the middle of my forehead as if something was being forcibly drawn out of it. Immediately screaming "NO! NO! " with out any external manifestation of noise, I could only then open my eyes. This was my first ever ethereal experience, after death of a close one.

And perhaps this was also a start of my belief in a higher reality which manifests besides this visible world.

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