Saturday, August 20, 2011


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Drizzling rains and stonewashed skies can most certainly tempt the liberals to the beat. And yes, that could perhaps go on till the end of eternity. But a certain sense of perpetuity could bequeath the randomers with a shrill and poisonous embrace. Incessant milieu subject to quotidian analogy could suffocate the very fragments of air that powers the lungs, often till a sense of conclusive mortality. A blip is often decried as a trouble-spot or an unwelcome shift from the norms, but still amazing are the consequences its mere absence could entail. Sometimes a bastion of ever new joy and sometimes to the envy of intellectual pygmies. Paroxysms covetously fission the mental manifestation of self  whereas detachment sustains it. Humans as a matter of fact strive for eternity to attain a balance between the two, with some inherent mental inclinations. Yet fleeting ones always somehow accomplish an exodus, be it in the realm of physical or the metaphysical. Initially, as kids some are quite infected with the existence of an El Dorado, sometimes not because of its surreal abundance, rather because of its conceived absence of any further desires. Everything you want is everything you get. Seems so even and blissful, but it harbors one draconian devil of multiple paradoxes. Firstly, what if there are negating feelings, each for its own selfish arousal. Secondly, its likeness with dogs chasing cars, for the dog would not know what to do if it actually ends up catching one. What would someone want then! Rarely a mortal knows what it needs, it only conditions its wants. Numbly feeling oneself devoid of any guilt as such, though with a feeble endeavor to experience some contrasts, turns exceedingly egregious past the limits. May be it's innate in the causal nature of self-preservation, often ascribed to vanity. 


  1. My God... it is the best so far you have written. What makes it sui-generis is yet being philosophical its terse.

    Often blip is construed as gloomy, but for me it is like mitochondria for life. Sometime I treat subsistence as bLip ;)

  2. I was sure it would appeal to u :). thanks i1.

  3. " Everything you want is everything you get" Perfect lines ... and a very insightful article .. I guess u can compete with many other Ravi's And Shankar's .. In the art of living Thoughts .. :)

  4. Super thoughts ...we not only chase and think for "El dorado"in childhood .. we many a times now also think abt it .. and yes we the mortals .. keep on chasing dunno what in this materialistic world just like the wild dog .. the dialogue of Joker from Dark Knight is often rememberd when I think abt it .. " I'm a dog chasing cars. I wouldn't know what to do with one if I caught it. You know, I just... do things. ".. But once i know what I need to attain in life ... the life won't be same for me as it is now and that will be one step closer for me to be to attain peace and salvation ... :-) Kodus bro for your article ..