Saturday, September 24, 2011

Caprice and Collusion

Myriad delusions of caprice in a mortal's fabric of thoughts, more often than not, ensue quite a preemptive genre of inveteracy. Theories of devolution along with axioms of evolution, strike each other with an otherwise majestic potency, which is often too innate and perhaps even more incapable of rationalization. To the third eye, it might preserve a level of bizarre persistence, but to astrally insignificant one, its promises yet another inconsequential stride. Desires of malevolence with a precise level of benign thoughtlessness at times, constitute the nascent stage for an appetite for aberration. Thoughtfulness most certainly comes at a price, though abhorrence at times becomes priceless. And this is precisely where, the impact occurs. 

Akin to an antediluvian architectural elegance, the baroque framework of thoughts seem unprecedented.  A pandemonium of adversarial notions seem to populate the unusual vacuum in the speculative image of self. Benign or vitriolic, the attributive mechanism bestows a psychic realm. The cadence of notions often remits a transformational behavioral bug, perhaps even construed as whim. Neither does it have a beginning, nor does it have an end. Perhaps in it's pristine state it defies any interdependence with matter itself. The latency of a nascent state of emotional imbalance cannot have any other attribution rather than to itself. Creating, destroying and manifesting in variegated stripes of the rainbow, dissimulates with recurrence forestalling any certainty.

Impulse in other words serves as the pseudo-romantic force behind all creation, destruction and manifestation. Whether backed by light or darkness, coercion or persuasion, benevolence or malevolence, it's invocation remains largely unresponsive towards the nature of the force, unless countered by a force greater than itself. Disparate elements persistently ascribe towards theoretical expurgation with motive change of the nature of force-fields. Relativity seems to be the nature of the law of being itself, driving us crazy and our masters even crazier. Chaos seems to be one of the fragments of the puzzle with a feeble yet certain allusion to tranquility.


  1. Neither does fortune comes imbibed on metallic conundrums, but nor does life. Fleetingly yet conclusively, ethereal communications continually speak to us in a parallel world, foretelling the futility of desires. Like a traveler in an alien terrain, so unsure yet largely unruffled by the accompanying toils, each life embarks its own expedition. It does wait for something to happen sans any restrain, which is perhaps ambiguously known as love. Innately it prepares a greater journey with the deeper comfort of another, who is perhaps gifted with the same potency as the other; to love, to understand and to care for the other, which is the primal need of any ethereal life form. Still in a deeper divine abyss lies the true purpose of life, but the journey most certainly culminates through the will of the lord who makes it appear in smaller quantums of serendipitous moments with the beloved TSC:)

  2. At inception of my cognitive content "The Self" got befuddled while connecting doubts/dots. Was about to send this to Vatican, Pope the Benedict for schematisation, suddenly something from my youth age (from year 1927) came to my mind. While reminiscence, I found couple of memory pointers prognosticating for the guy named Werner Heisenberg who was saying : Delta x*Delta p >= hbar/2 which became famous as Principle of Uncertainty in Quantum mechanics. The same whimsy ushered him to a prize which various magazines and newspapers declared as Nobel.
    "The Self", hereby, would like to thank GOD, that you christened this article much lately, otherwise "The Self" would had written this very description in Physics examination to describe the "Heisenberg's Principle of Uncertainty", consequently the Physics teacher with assistance of the English teacher would had proudly kept me in same class!... don't know for how many years.

  3. @I1- gratitude and admiration from 'urs sincerely' TSC