Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Chutzpah of a blue gazelle

It was yet another starry night, when the stars had glowed bright in an entrapment of a resplendent moonlight. Mileu was restless, her mind bubbling with effervescence of yearnings in the wild blue yonder. Meandering formations of Orion Stars, flight of the Grey Falcons and taciturnity of the Astral Elephants fortified her belief against all frivolity of common sense. The Astral Elephants supreme in their art of prophecy; had been there for millions of years, always overwhelmed in a state of trance, meditating ceaselessly on the Orions. The Orion Stars controlled the eminence of time, place and action in the trilogy of thought, light and formation. Mesamosus, one of the Astral Elephants meditating on the tender plains of Neverland, had foretold that little Mileu had been entrusted with a mission by the Orions themselves. There had never been an antelope so blue in color, with eyes of such boundless innocence and with a pair so majestic, those horns of exemplified glory. Mileu had been watching the waxing and waning of the moon for quite sometime now. And today the moon glowed with an abundance of both fullness and radiance. She did realize the impermanence of both time and vision, analogous to enshrouding of the moon. Teramosus the fairest disciple of the great Mesamosus, had unveiled Mileu’s purpose in a dream and had foretold her connection to the faraway bluish planet named Magasheka, to which her ancestors belonged and to which she had to reconnect when the stars were ready and when the new Orions struck a full eighteen faced diamond. Just before birth, a cosmic event had trapped her in time-space warp and she was born in a planet ever unknown, never seen or never heard of. 
The eighteenth face of the diamond was developing tonight across the new Orions and it was time. The grayest of the Grey Falcons, Jahrena, flew across the full moon in an instant and then he was nowhere to be seen by a seemingly engrossed Mileu. It was said that the Grey Falcons impervious to space-time phenomenon traversed the dimensions of an entire galaxy in no time, swifter than light itself. They had been born of pure energy with a subtlety encompassing all the eight elements of light. Boundless, formless and ageless they were, and with a benediction of mystic powers had they been honored. Jahrena was standing beside Mileu, watching her with an intent yet expectant vision. Astonishing Mileu with a chuckle, by the duality of presence and pedagogical precedence, made little Mileu was stunned for a while. Never having seen a Grey Falcon from such close distance, she was stunned to speechlessness for a few moments. Jahrena continued, “Thou shalt jump across the Macedoza sea, from the highest rocks of Eon facing the first moonlight, when the eighteenth face of the diamond completes itself. For thou has been long entrusted with thee connection to be established from thine’s gift of light”. Mileu quite surprisingly could understand every bit of what Jahrena’s had said. 
Thus began her journey towards the far eastern cliffs of Eon. Though impossible for even a grown up antelope to climb beyond the rough moors, surrounding the snowcapped mountains of Eon, she had already beemn bestowed with limitless strength of purpose with an audacity of hope. The eighteenth face of the diamond of the new Orions consummated which eventually outshone even astral systems of faraway galaxies. By the grace of Orions, she reached the mighty cliff of the mountains of Eon, the point where the moon shed it’s first light, the point which attributed diminution to everything and anything living or non-living. And then, little Mileu leaped across the cliff towards the bluish rays of horizon and the connection was made within moments. Eighteen dazzling rays coming our of the celestial diamond refracted the whole space-time continuum and these rays created multitudes of cosmic bridges of time, across the skies. Mileu found herself in the bluest planet of the galaxy, which was all encompassing those dreams of yonder. It was the place she had dreamt about all along, a place of utopian wonder and poetic surrender, the fairest and bluest one in the entire cosmos. It was home.

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