Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Evanescence Eloquence and Dreams

A knight’s dream is an ensemble of glory, love, pain and death. The eloquence of victory, the fear of loss and a seeming hushed hope for adoration, quite intrinsically imbibes the genes of mortality itself. At their own assorted levels, each idiosyncrasy manifests with a vigor of its own, waning away progressively with time, making way for another. Dissociation of imagination with a significant level of persistence in ephemerality though seemingly subservient to an unknown plane of consciousness, impregnates the three layers of impermanence which is better carved up by the contours of time as the past, the present and the future. Transience of being makes them real, while somewhere deep inside one’s consciousness, inside the veils of thoughtlessness, exists a thought of eternality. The feeling of permanence in an endless stream of bliss, wisdom, splendor, strength, wealth, fame and renunciation. 

So near yet so far’, perhaps is quite a familiar thought in it’s own scheme of things. Quite implicitly, the essence of true wisdom perhaps subject to self-realization, seems to have established its own order of precedence. Frailty of mortal vision makes one perceive a snake even when a piece of rope is lying around. Does that imply, that one has experienced a snake before, most probably in a similar situation or are the wavelengths of wisdom shared across immortality ? It could be neither too, as ignorance limits thoughts and curbed thoughts limit mortal vision. The myth of self-fulfilling prophecies power the vanity of existential being. With unrealized dimensions and non-existent assumptions they appear to be true and necessitate exceptions to espouse the theorized advocacy.
An unrealized dream in which mortality takes birth, lives, dies and replenishes must have an innate aim. The goals of duality opposes the very laws of nature in the ascribed absence of boundlessness. The goal of a seeker is to seek and in this case wisdom of being and non-being seems paramount to satiate the quest of life.

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