Thursday, September 27, 2007

Definitive Diversions

Sooothsayers often elucidate with this proverbial danger, " What is already done cannot be undone". The phrase does make these people a behemoth to the believers, but the belief itself is fugitive intrinsically. It slowly fades away like the fleeting clouds to unveil the azure skies. Diversions defy being explicit most of the times. They only occur with formidable force. Some may seek vengeance where others may try to restore the balance. Life in itself is a conundrum and diversions are the entities. Somewhere solved, a few times replaced and most of the time they are in a state of flux.

The flux state is manipulated by audacity, courage and last but not the least wisdom. They bend along where the force overpowers it. Life in itself is a bequest to all of us. The journey makes us experience, analyze and realize. Every fallacy does pertain to permanence. It's the evanescent nature that causes these diversions.

There's a need to redefine some things time to time. Things and thoughts lacking proper classification make little sense else galvanize a problem to much bigger dimensions. Haven't we observed since childhood that the sweet coincidences are brought about when we require them the most. The genesis of the force that manifests our wishes is yet to be known. How many times we make things happen when we need it most!

There is a simple answer to this: we are making certain things happen. May be it's not so generic because there are a lot of abstruse concepts yet to be known in this journey called life.

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