Friday, September 21, 2007

Fleeting Bliss

bliss. n. a state of extreme happiness

Dreams seem to coexist with the human race since aeon. Their very existence might seem evanescent to this real world. It's true to an extent that these make us set a firm resolve to live but humans are attracted towards fallacies too. The vision is obscured by ambitions most of the times and the frenzied mind makes them appear real. These quintessential patterns are the solemn urge of our wishes and fancies.

The light apparently converges at a distant horizon but its the human perception that is fallacious. It always runs towards infinity. The pain is not receding. The true vision is dominant when there is a realization of self. The friction between the whims and entailment vanishes. Bliss emancipates the individual not on the attainment of dreams but it's the bliss itself. It's in a way proprietary to the being.

The eyes emanate innocence, the lips majestic expression together ensemble to give the  final touch. Desire and greed are two entities with one foraying into avarice and other having a consummate strength if it has an attribute of innocence. Success pertains to the degree of wish, and perhaps the degree of success confers to the madness of the whim. Desires too in their own class are ephemeral pertaining to their intrinsic nature. May be extraneous at some point of time, but they always conjecture to a certain possibility. It might be indulging circumlocution to a certain extent.

The one who realizes the endless possibilities of these dreams and works on his own way gets fruition. Everything doesn't work out as expected. They may exceed expectations!

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  1. nice one-the girl i mean;)wish the dream had but continued