Saturday, November 11, 2017

Sailor Jentle Sky High Ink (Old) Review

Sailor, as most of you are aware is one of the Big 3 companies in Japanese fountain pen industry. Apart from some great nibs, Sailor does manufacture some amazing inks. Probably, Sailor is the only Japanese company that has released many more variants of ink along the lines of store-speciality inks than under its own umbrella.

The ink I am reviewing is the old Sailor Jentle Sky High Ink with product code 13-1000-241. It been one of my favourite blue inks, although I do have a bottle of similarly hued and a newer Souten (13-1005-205). Sailor has also relaunched Skyhigh in international markets, which comes with product code 13-9171-241. I am yet to try the new Skyhigh.


Sailor Sky High came in a 50 ml bottle which looked like the below one. It was packaged in white cardboard box with everything, except brand and volume of ink, in Japanese 😏
                 There is a plastic funnel insert to help fill ink into your pen, which in my humble opinion is equally useless. Filling ink in a nibsize#6 pen (CC or piston) can be challenging, given the low bottom pan-like structure of the bottle, the nib/feed can hardly immerse itself in the bottle. So for me, the ink stays in a TWSBI Diamond 50 bottle.

Writing with Sky High

The ink is a well behaved with absence of any noticeable feathering on decent grade of paper including copypaper. Depending on the paper thickness there could be some ghosting, else it a pretty much 'no worry' azure blue ink.
  • Feathering: 😊 None 
  • Ghosting: 😐 A bit on Muji notebook 
  • Color Variation: 😍 Vibrant from light to dark shades
  • Sheen: Towards Violet & Red 
  • Wetness: 😊

  • Saturation :😊 
  • Water Resistance: 😞 
  • Ease of Cleaning: 😊
  • Shading: 😊
  • Flow: 😊
  • Lubrication: 😊
  • Drying Time: 😐 30 seconds+ 
  • Price: 😐  (Around $ 12 as landed price in 2014)

Digital Colour Meter


Pelikan Steel Italic Nib


Main Supplies

  • Pelikan M200 Cognac - Italic Nib 
  • Muji B6 PP Cover Notebook, Dotted Paper
Thank you for going through the review.

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